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Wake Up, Be Inspired is filled with 30 days of  inspiration for your everyday life. Maybe your feeling stuck in life, or in the dumps and you need a pick-me-up, Wake Up, Be Inspired is the book to pick up!


Jaitee has carefully crafted messages from God, thoughts from inspirational Black voices, words from himself, and 30 days of inspirational videos curated for EXTRA inspiration that will change your life.


Take a quick read of an excerpt from Day 28:


... “When did you STOP believing it was possible? Why did you allow outside voices into your inner thoughts?” The reason you’re not happy is because you stopped believing in YOURSELF!!! Get up and start moving. Let your passion fuel you into your destiny. Let your passion be the deciding factor on where you decide to work or what business you need to start. Don’t let the year end with your passion “On Empty”...


This is the book your life has been waiting on. Let each day of this book be the inspiration you need to get through the day and on to the next.

Wake Up, Be Inspired! 30 Days of Inspiration for Everyday Life (eBook)

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